Solar Water Pumping

Water pumping is a great task for solar electricity. For irrigation use the availability of the solar energy resource is well matched to the seasonal need for water. Drinking water systems using wells or rain catchment sources can use solar pumps to provide water beyond the reach of utility lines or as an independent system not dependent on the electrical grid. Solar pumps can be submersible or surface mounted.  

The best way to pump water with solar is called “array direct“ pumping. This means that the pump is powered directly from the solar modules. When the sun shines, the pump moves water into a storage tank. Ideally the storage tank is located thirty or more feet vertically above where the water will be used so that gravity can provide the pressure at the tap. If the topography does not allow and a water tower cannot be constructed, a pressure pump can be used to provide standard household pressure. In array direct pumping the pump and PV array should be sized to provide for the daily average consumption and the storage tank(s) should be sized to allow for several days of reserve capacity in case of low solar pumping output due to cloudy weather. 

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