Solar Electric Systems

Solar electric systems use photovoltaic (PV) modules to generate electricity. They can either be “off-grid” or “grid-connected” depending on your location and preferences.

If your site is in a remote location or you aspire to energy independence, then you’ll want to consider an off-grid system. Since 1989 Rainshadow Solar has helped build over 750 “off-grid” solar electric systems in Western Washington. These systems range in size and complexity from single-module systems that provide a few lights for a weekend cabin to larger installations that can power year-round family households full of modern appliances and electronics.

Grid-connected systems give you the flexibility of generating power from the sun but also having conventional grid power available when you need it. Whenever you're generating more power than you're using, your solar panels will push power into the electricity grid, making your electric meter spin backwards.

Rainshadow Solar can also help you create solar water pumping systems.