Off-Grid Power

Off-grid power systems are ideal for people living in remote areas where the cost of bringing in grid power is prohibitive. It's also great for people who want the security of being able to provide for some of their own energy needs without being dependent on the outside world, whether or not conventional power is available at their site.

Off-grid systems (also called independent power systems) work by storing power in batteries. The power can be used directly from the batteries as DC current, or you can use inverters to turn it into standard 120V or 240V alternating current (AC).

Depending on your lifestyle and consumption needs, you may be able to create a system that uses only renewable energy, or you may need to install a backup generator.

Since 1989 Rainshadow Solar has designed and worked on the installation of over 600 off-grid systems, ranging in size from systems that provide minimal power for weekend getaway cottages to high-consumption year-round households.

System Sizing and Load Calculation

Independent power systems are usually designed from a “load focused” perspective. This means we look closely at how much power you consume and scale the generating system, batteries and inverter system to match that electrical load.

Please contact us for more information about estimating your electricity usage and the investment in solar energy equipment to generate this capacity.